Monday, January 3, 2011

Safe Travels

Some of our herd are headed South this Winter for fun and Foxhunting camaraderie in warmer climes, which inspired me to dust off my "just in case" trailering supplies and First Aid list. No, I'm not going, just living vicariously. Got a good list or suggestion? Share it here.

For the trailer:
Spare tire\tire iron
3 emergency triangles\flares
duct tape
electrical tape
knife or bandage scissors for cutting ropes in emergency
spare halter and lead rope
fire extinguisher
broom\fork\shovel\manure disposal bags
insect spray for bees and wasps

Most states require that you carry a Coggins and health certificate.

In case of an accident, keep emergency contact and related information for you and your horses in a very visible place. Home numbers, destination numbers, medical conditions, etc. Simple instructions for horse handling are helpful too, in case rescuers are not horsepeople.

Emergency First Aid Kit (Equine)
Roll Cotton - 2 rolls
Roll Gauze -- 4 rolls (4" or 6")
Gauze squares
Disposable Diapers (great bandages)
Clean standing bandages - 2 quilt or fleece with outer wraps
Vet Wrap -- 2-4 rolls
Adhesive Tape (vet wrap may work better if you need to take it off!)
24" section of 6" PVC pipe, split in half lengthwise -- this makes a good splint. Check that the diameter fits your horse
Sticky roll bandage -- Elastikon
Mosquito forceps (hemostat-like tweezer with handle)
antiseptic soap/Betadine/Hibiclens
hydrogen peroxide
Antibacterial Ointment -- Furazone
Antibacterial Topical (ointment, spray, etc.)
Saline for irrigating wounds/eyes
Irrigation/piston syringe
Oral dosing syringe
Bute paste
Banamine Granules or paste
water -- 10 gallons or more
Calming paste
Hoof boot

If needing horse accommodations along the way, be sure to check

The Hawkins Guide: Equine Emergencies on the Road by James Hamilton and Neva Sheve has more ideas about travel, stress, pre-trip preparation. Equispirit Trailer seems to be the main source for the book., 877-575-1771.

For the Truck:
red flag for antenna
registration and proof of insurance for tow vehicle and trailer
jumper cables
tool kit
spare belts and hoses
tow chain
Cell phone and\or CB
replacement fuses
road atlas
work gloves
portable air compressor
extra cash (HA!) and credit cards

Shipping, in case extra help needed:
even if not in your area of need, they might be able to provide a good referral:

Equine Express

Tony Zarcone 845-742-1483

Morrissey’s Horse Pullmans (Old Friends has used them) (Double S Horse Transport) (expensive but good) (Majo County)

All American Transport 800-982-2208

Tom Roundtree 254-396-3633

B&D Horse Transport

Happy Trails