Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Events 2010

Clinics, Cubbing, Shows, Playdays...

Please add events, this will be continually updated.

As a part-time horseperson on a minimal budget, I appreciate being able to attend clinics as an auditor. Having access to high caliber trainers and experts for as little as $15.00 a day at times, and in my local area, is a great pleasure. I strongly suggest auditing to anyone who hasn't tried it, you really can learn a lot from observing, even without participating with your horse. Many good clinicians interact with auditors, you can get answers to some of those burning questions from a reliable source.

I recently visited Willowbrook Farm near Allentown, PA. They specialize in Natural Horsemanship with an emphasis on Parelli, but host a mix of clinics and playdays. Playdays are a good blend of personal playtime with some professional guidance, Peter Fuller and his students are on hand for tips and assistance. A mere $20.00 gets you use of the large outdoor Parelli Playground (great obstacles and room to graze or play), indoor ring, and plenty of equipment (cavalettis, barrels, playballs, jumps). There is also a bunkhouse with separate rooms and RV hookups, paddocks and stalls available for overnight stays.
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Windy Hollow Hunt Cubbing Season Opens

Saturday July 31, 2010
Cubbing is traditionally a time for Hound puppies to refine their developing hunting skills. This also offers humans and equines new to the sport an opportunity to acclimate gradually before Formal Hunt Season begins. Practicing standing still as well as working up to a fitness level comfortable for a chase is good for all involved. The cost to participate is less than in formal season, and you still get to enjoy the benefits of a tailgate afterward.
A Hunt Clinic is set for mid August, a fun ride followed by good food and a "Foxhunting 101" educational discussion.
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Summer Activites at Maplewood Warmbloods

Jen Vanover
460 Bart Bull Rd.
Middletown, New York 10941

International Dressage Symposium
October 16-17, 2010

2008 which featured Klaus Balkenhol, Colonel Christian Carde, and Dr. Gerd Heuschmann will be very hard to top, but we have put together another spectacular event.

2010 will feature Monica Theodorescru and Michael Klimke. The format for this event will be similiar in format as the 2008 event with a private lesson day on Friday (closed to public) followed by a 2-day symposium (public auditors) Rider applications and auditor registration information to follow soon.

This year, the event will be indoors and include special door prizes, 50/50 raffle, Saturday evening VIP dinner, and so much more. Be sure to be on our newsletter list for information on event focus, rider registration, public auditing registration, vendor opportunities, and more! Special discounts to juniors.

A not-to-miss event! Add it to your calendar today!

Rider Applications & Public Auditor signup will start August 1, 2010. See MWW's website for information. Attention Auditors! We will be trying a new online registration to save you time and effort. Stay tuned!

4th Annual Breed & Dressage Show
August 6-8, 2010

1 Breed Show, 2 Dressage Shows, 1 Weekend!!!
Maplewood Warmbloods
460 Bart Bull Rd.
Middletown, New York 10941

This is the 4th Annual Show at MWW. It will include a Friday breed show and a Saturday and Sunday dressage competition. Intro Level through Grand Prix including FEI Young Horse Classes! A not-to-miss event!

We've listened and this year will be adding the following:

Lights in the outdoor arena
Farm PA system
Centerline Events Secretarial / Event Staff
2 Show Rings
2 separate dressage shows (2 separate scores) in 2 days

More information and a prize list at

We hope to see you at one of our special events this year. Keep up-to-date with Maplewood Warmbloods on Facebook and Twitter.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lessons with Rosie Mally

Recently a few of us took lessons with Rosie Mally, benefitting from her extensive Dressage experience.
As a backyard part-timer on a young horse I learned a lot, and felt some good changes happening in myself and my horse as she guided us closer to that elusive "sweet spot" where both horse and rider are independently balanced yet moving in harmony. I liked that she gave constant feedback and explained HOW and WHY things build toward better biomechanics (or not), so I can get a feel for where I am and also be aware of what the bigger plan involves. It was encouraging and inspiring to see how well Rosie assessed each horse and rider and tailored the lesson to address their strengths and areas of potential growth so individually. It was very nice to see that she takes sufficient time without trying to rush, letting the horse's and rider's mental and physical readiness set the pace.

Here is a random clip on youtube from her recent clinic, 4/24/10:

Link to our lessons on youtube and vimeo:

Visit Rosie's website for more info:

When was your last lesson? Please post any related comments and share clips if you have them, we can all use a little inspiration from one another.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Straightness Article

I'm passing along some info from an article by Dr. Deb (Bennett, PhD), titled "The Anatomy of Straightness" (Eclectic Horseman magazine #53). From the Equine Studies website,, click on "Knowledge Base", and you can download three articles:
"Lessons from Woody"
"True Collection"
"The Ring of Muscles"
It is a lot of info, I am still in the process of reading it myself, but it does give me insight into why what I thought I could do to help with straightness wasn't working. Consistent forward movement without resistance has been fairly elusive for me, what a relief to hear some new ways of acheiving this that seem easier, and that once my horse is more comfortable, he may even be less resistant as a result.
I am interested in partnering up with someone to try the exercise mentioned in the "Lessons from Woody" (p 17) with following the tarp, if anyone's game.
What articles have helped you and your horse recently? Post them to share, maybe we can start a monthly meeting day where we focus on a common idea or concept as we ride together.

See you at the barn.