Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stressed? You might be, but your horse certainly is NOT!!!!

At The Colonies, our horses live the life that they were born to live.  They have ample space to run, play, sleep and be horses.  They have no worries in the world, because they live in a herd.  Each horse knows his place in the herd hierarchy and the herd provides the protection they need.  They roam and eat all day, as horses should.  Horses that live like this are healthier, more fit, happier and rarely develop vices.  Weaving, pacing, cribbing, pawing, stall kicking and tail rubbing are virtually non-existent. Why?  They are not bored or stressed!

An interesting article from Equine Wellness Magazine, “How to help alleviate your horse’s stress” by Mary Ann Simonds, makes many important points on how to abate your horse’s stress.  Luckily, we don’t have to do any of them, because our horses are living the way they should live.  Check out at the end of the article the “Eight most important things to a horse”.  I can say that our horses have all of them.  

Below are pictures of our horses living the good life.  

Freedom to run and have a good gallop!

Together as a herd.

Stressed?  Certainly not us!  Smokey, Chevy and Sergio all napping in the sun.

Watson and Teddy napping.  Actually, Watson getting up and thinking I might have a treat.

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