Saturday, April 24, 2010

i was riding Bandit in field close to other horses he is a young 5 yr old horse {just turning 5} apon doing a jump he stopped leaned foward ,kind of fell on jump{bandit} i went over his head in a summer sault , landed saw black the pain excrutiating and broke my collar bone . I did a christopher reeves flip ,thank God I am ok surgery on tues to fix collar bone.
I am nevous to jump Bandit now everyone is telling me get rid of your horses! I believe u need to do what u love and leave the rest to God what does everybody else think I also think rider carelessness plays part. This incident i wasnt at fault i dont think i could have prevented it,it was truly an accident. Bandit fell to other side after i fell or he would of landed on me

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  1. Hey Peggy,

    Sorry to hear of your accident, hope you're doing ok given the obvious. Will keep an eye on your horses while you recover.
    Giving yourself time to focus on healing and knowing you will have time later to make personal decisions once you are feeling better might help.