Thursday, May 6, 2010

Straightness Article

I'm passing along some info from an article by Dr. Deb (Bennett, PhD), titled "The Anatomy of Straightness" (Eclectic Horseman magazine #53). From the Equine Studies website,, click on "Knowledge Base", and you can download three articles:
"Lessons from Woody"
"True Collection"
"The Ring of Muscles"
It is a lot of info, I am still in the process of reading it myself, but it does give me insight into why what I thought I could do to help with straightness wasn't working. Consistent forward movement without resistance has been fairly elusive for me, what a relief to hear some new ways of acheiving this that seem easier, and that once my horse is more comfortable, he may even be less resistant as a result.
I am interested in partnering up with someone to try the exercise mentioned in the "Lessons from Woody" (p 17) with following the tarp, if anyone's game.
What articles have helped you and your horse recently? Post them to share, maybe we can start a monthly meeting day where we focus on a common idea or concept as we ride together.

See you at the barn.

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