Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lessons with Rosie Mally

Recently a few of us took lessons with Rosie Mally, benefitting from her extensive Dressage experience.
As a backyard part-timer on a young horse I learned a lot, and felt some good changes happening in myself and my horse as she guided us closer to that elusive "sweet spot" where both horse and rider are independently balanced yet moving in harmony. I liked that she gave constant feedback and explained HOW and WHY things build toward better biomechanics (or not), so I can get a feel for where I am and also be aware of what the bigger plan involves. It was encouraging and inspiring to see how well Rosie assessed each horse and rider and tailored the lesson to address their strengths and areas of potential growth so individually. It was very nice to see that she takes sufficient time without trying to rush, letting the horse's and rider's mental and physical readiness set the pace.

Here is a random clip on youtube from her recent clinic, 4/24/10:

Link to our lessons on youtube and vimeo:

Visit Rosie's website for more info:

When was your last lesson? Please post any related comments and share clips if you have them, we can all use a little inspiration from one another.


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